TikTok overtakes Google with Gen Z

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year, you’ve undoubtedly heard of TikTok. The short-form video app has taken the world by storm, especially among younger users. In fact, a recent study showed that Gen Z prefers to use TikTok over Google.

This is a huge shift in the search landscape, and it has major implications for businesses trying to reach this key demographic. So, what’s behind this trend? And what does it mean for businesses? Let’s take a closer look.

The reasons behind the trend

There are a few reasons why TikTok overtakes Google. The first reason is that TikTok offers a unique and engaging experience that can’t be found on Google. The short-form videos on TikTok are fun and easy to consume, which is perfect for users with short attention spans. Additionally, the algorithm on TikTok is very good at surfacing content that users are likely to enjoy, which keeps them coming back for more.

Another reason why TikTok is winning with Gen Z is that it feels more personal than Google. With TikTok, users get to see content from their friends and family, as well as content from creators that they follow. This makes the platform feel much more intimate than Google, which is important for young people who are just starting to navigate the online world.

What this means for businesses

So, what does this trend mean for businesses? Well, if you’re trying to reach a Gen Z audience, you need to be on TikTok. Period. There is simply no other platform that offers the same level of engagement with this demographic. 

Of course, simply being on TikTok isn’t enough—you need to create content that resonates with users. That means creating short-form videos that are both informative and entertaining. After all, if your content isn’t interesting, users will just move on to the next video. 

tiktok overtakes google

The Power of Video

TikTok is all about video, and that’s a big part of why it’s so popular with Gen Zers. This generation grew up with YouTube and is used to getting its information from videos rather than text. With TikTok, they can watch short videos on just about any topic they can think of, making it the perfect search engine for this visually oriented generation.


TikTok also offers highly personalized content recommendations based on users’ interests. This personalized content keeps users coming back for more; they know that they’ll always find something they’re interested in watching when they open the app. Google, on the other hand, delivers results that are often less relevant to users’ interests, making TikTok a more efficient and effective search engine for Gen Zers.

Algorithm transparency

Another advantage that TikTok has over Google is algorithm transparency. TikTok users know exactly how the app’s algorithm works and what factors affect the ranking of videos in the feed. This transparency builds trust between users and the platform, something that is important to Gen Zers. Google, on the other hand, keeps its algorithms close to the vest, which can make users feel like they’re being manipulated instead of served relevant results.

We have solutions

Gen Z is the largest generation ever, and they have tremendous buying power. So, if you want to reach this key demographic, you need to be where they are—and right now, that means TikTok. By creating engaging short-form videos, you can reach a vast audience of potential customers on this platform. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and start today!

Ignacio Moulia
Escritor especializado en tecnología y marketing digital, apasionado por el contenido efectivo.