Britney Spears’ comeback and social media marketing in music business


Social media keeps revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their target audience, and the music industry is no exception. Over the last decade, we have witnessed how as new trends in social media management emerge, new ways of promoting music tracks, albums, concerts, and more are being adopted. More and more artists around the world … Read more

Copywriter and UX writer… are they the same?

copywriter ux writer

Absolutely not. While we might consider that copywriters and UX writers do the same thing, actually, their primary goals are far more different than we would think. They both write, yes, but to achieve different things. “Content is king” The article “Content is king” was written by Bill Gates in 1996. And although more than … Read more

How UX design makes a difference in ecommerce

ux design ecommerce

You may have heard “UX design” more than once and not given it much thought, but trust us: if you run an ecommerce business, it’s something you should definitely consider. Here we’ll explain why. What is UX design? UX is an acronym for User Experience. We may say that UX design focuses on what the … Read more

Increase your online sales with advertising

online sales

All businesses with an online presence are looking for the same thing: to reach the largest audience at the lowest cost. And today that is possible. But… What is the best platform to do it? There is no right answer. It all depends on what your objectives are, who your audience is, what you want … Read more