Ideatón Salud

Growth Marketing

Ideatón Salud is a contest of ideas and projects promoted by CAEME, with the objective of promoting innovative proposals in the field of health and technology through collaborative work.

As a first step, we were presented with the need to position this new contest. For that reason, at BROOBE we proposed a strategy of brand recognition and both organic and paid diffusion. Through a SEM strategy (Google Ads and Social Ads) based on the segmentation of the target audience, media outreach, organic positioning strategies in Google and also in social networks, we managed to make the contest known throughout Argentina.

Among the obtained results, we achieved an impact of +1.5M users for branding ads and +200,000 visits to the event site through paid traffic.

Currently, the contest is in its second edition with more than 100 projects submitted, more than 70 selected, 8 total winners and 10 prizes of more than 4,000,000 pesos.

Growth Marketing

SEM (Google Ads)

SEM (Social Ads)

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