How UX design makes a difference in ecommerce

ux design ecommerce

You may have heard “UX design” more than once and not given it much thought, but trust us: if you run an ecommerce business, it’s something you should definitely consider. Here we’ll explain why. What is UX design? UX is an acronym for User Experience. We may say that UX design focuses on what the … Read more

Hot Sale: increase your online sales

online sales

Hot Sale, Black Friday or Cyber Monday… What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear these words? For sure we all think of incredible discounts. However, we can understand these online sales events in another way: as opportunities. It’s clear that these events are very convenient for the public. Not only because … Read more

How to increase your website traffic

website traffic

  There are plenty of alternatives to attract visitors to our website. Each site has it’s own public so we will have to use different options until we find the one who suits us the most. In this article, 5 items that will help you: 1. Content The web content is crucial. If we don’t … Read more

7 functions of Google Analytics you might not know

google analytics

  While most regular users of Google Analytics are probably stuck in the reports of “audience” and “acquisition”, there are many other features that tend to go unnoticed. There are tools and functions that could completely transform the way you manage your digital presence. Today we bring you a list of those that you may … Read more

Benefits of having a corporate Blog

corporate blog

  Companies are now becoming aware of the importance of having a blog on their website. A corporate blog is an important tool that, if well used, will provide you great benefits. This type of blog operates in two different ways: In the first place it enables you to approach to users by offering information … Read more

Marketing with Pinterest


As many of you may know, Pinterest allows you to organize and share images and videos. The most particular thing of this social network is the way the information is classified: you can arrange it on different boards. When talking about Pinterest we should notice that there are two kinds of boards: the “traditional boards” … Read more

Twitter tips for beginners

twitter tips

Slowly but surely twitter is becoming an essential tool as regards for business diffusion. Here a few tips for those who are just starting out. 1. Be Human Personalize your tw account, write a brief description of your business and add a profile picture. Avoid automatic publications, most users don’t tend to like them. 2. Don’t be mono … Read more