7 types of content for ecommerce

content for ecommerce

The constant evolution of digital media has changed the way people consume content, including those that promote a product or service. Currently, a significant part of the population is more exposed to the content spread through social networks, email, blogs, among others, so if we want to attract potential customers to our ecommerce 🛒, it … Read more

Business Intelligence in marketing

business intelligence in marketing

Business intelligence in marketing is a term that is often thrown around in business circles, but what is it exactly? And more importantly, how can it benefit your ecommerce website? In short, business intelligence is the process of turning data into insights that help you make better decisions. By making use of BI, you can … Read more

How to write a KPI report?

how to write a KPI report

In the marketing industry, having information on the performance of our actions is vital. Why? Because it allows us to make informed decisions while being able to measure which of our strategies work best. Attracting traffic and generating conversions is very important, but understanding where our users come from, how they interact with our website … Read more