How to increase your website traffic

website traffic

  There are plenty of alternatives to attract visitors to our website. Each site has it’s own public so we will have to use different options until we find the one who suits us the most. In this article, 5 items that will help you: 1. Content The web content is crucial. If we don’t … Read more

7 functions of Google Analytics you might not know

google analytics

  While most regular users of Google Analytics are probably stuck in the reports of “audience” and “acquisition”, there are many other features that tend to go unnoticed. There are tools and functions that could completely transform the way you manage your digital presence. Today we bring you a list of those that you may … Read more

The user experience as marketing challenge

user experience

When offering content to users there are several aspects to consider: What information do they need? What kind of content we are able to produce? How them can access it? The user experience when talking about content marketing is as important as the quality of what is offered and can be the difference between a customer … Read more

Free Vectors compiled – Christmas Edition

free vectors

  Get ready for the holidays with this free vectors, Christmas edition. For those who do not know , there are sites that offer free design resources that you can download , edit and use as you like. Images can be edited with Adobe Illustrator. In some cases (such as ) you will need to … Read more

Differences between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager

community manager

Although in practice the roles might sometimes be blurred, we can say that the tasks of the Social Media Manager are more related to taking decisions, while the Community Manager’s position has more to do with.
Taking this into consideration, we prepared a list of the tasks that are specific to each role in order to clarify the differences.

Instagram for companies

instagram for companies

In this new article we want to outline the benefits of including Instagram in your social media strategy. As a brief presentation we could say that Instagram is a social network where users can share photos, with the possibility of applying them many effects such as filters and frames. But why should we consider using Instagram? … Read more