Instagram for companies

In this new article we want to outline the benefits of including Instagram in your social media strategy. As a brief presentation we could say that Instagram is a social network where users can share photos, with the possibility of applying them many effects such as filters and frames. But why should we consider using Instagram? First lets see look at some Instagram Stats:

  • 200 million people use Instagram every month
  • 60 million is the average number of photos posted every day
  • 8500 is the number of likes per second

Besides the posibility of interacting with costumers, we have the chance to show another side of our company.

Benefits for everyone

Many people think that Instagram for companies only works for big ones; but that is a mistake, everyone can capitalize the benefits of this social network. It is also a mistake to assume that if you provide services instead of visually attractive products, there is no point in  opening an Instagram profile. On the contrary! Is in this particular case where we can take advantage and show our  target audience what’s behind our trademark, and all the operations that enables us to provide the service,

What should I share?

Visual content express emotions in a way text can’t. We should take advantage of this and show the company’s human side. Sharing unique moments that can generate interest in our audience, for example: photos of the end-of-year party, or maybe the monthly birthday celebration. As we previosly said, show the behind the scenes of your company, pictures of the conference room, the view from your own office, even the employees having lunch!


Just as in Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows you to use hashtags in your picture’s description. The best thing to do is to create our own hashtag and encourage the public to use it. Otherwise if we use popular hastags we risk that our images get lost between the thousands of pictures that are upload every minute.

These are some of the most popular hashtags: #Love #Instagood #Me #Follow #Cute #Photooftheday

In Conclusion

This is why we should take into account Instagram in our Social Media Strategy. And don’t forget that it is also important not to over publish, if not we risk losing our followers atention.