Why include Instagram in the social media strategy?


The goal of any good social media strategy is to position the brand among the target audience, make it known, reliable, link it up with users and provide quality content. To achieve these objectives, companies should have a presence wherever their customers are.

Below is a brief overview of some statistics and myths of Instagram and why it is necessary to take into account:

Why Instagram?

This social network was consolidated as one of the fastest growing major platforms. Currently has 500 million active users per month, of which more than 300 million use it daily. That is why Instagram is presented as a great candidate to consider when putting together a social media strategy and choose which social networks are going to start our business.

In addition to presenting a high number of active users per month, this platform has a very active participation from them. Everyday the shared average is 95 million photos and videos, which generate more than 4,200 million likes daily. Instagram has reported that each user spends an average of 21 minutes a day in the platform.

These data represent a substantial increase since October last year, when the social network had 400 million users and 80 million images and videos per day were upload.

Just for big companies?

One of the great myths about Instagram is that it is only for very popular brands, or whose products are pleasing to the eye. This is false! While industries related to decor, fashion and food have taken full advantage of this platform, this does not imply that other industries can’t take advantage and generate quality content for users. Regardless of the company size -or their activity- everyone can benefit from Instagram.

If you sold a product, it is important to show it in the most pleasant, original and even fun way. But if what it is offered is a service, then it is best to show the behind the scenes: how employees work, if any celebration took place or how the profile of the company is.


More statistics

  • It is the third social network with more active users, behind Facebook and YouTube.
  • 80% of users are outside the United States.
  • 85% of big brands have an Instagram profile.
  • Since 2015 you can advertise in more than 3o countries.
  • The engagement per user is 58 times higher than in Facebook.

In summary

It is not necessary to include all social networks in our strategy. It is better to be in some effectively, than in all with regular updated profiles or failing to interest users. Companies should be where your target audience prevails, and Instagram is undoubtedly a social network to keep in mind.