Differences between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager

Many people have asked us about the differences between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager. Although in practice the roles might sometimes be blurred, we can say that the tasks of the Social Media Manager are more related to taking decisions, while the Community Manager’s position has more to do with.

Taking this into consideration, we prepared a list of the tasks that are specific to each role in order to clarify the differences.

Social Media Manager

  • Creates Social Media strategies for each client, taking into account the profile and brand identity, target audience and objectives previously defined.
  • Develops strategies to increase the number of followers and builds a community to strengthen the engagement and reach of the brand in social networks.
  • Determines and manages budgets for various strategic actions.
  • Defines campaigns promotions, paid advertising, events and publications to apply in the different social networks
  • Determines content strategy and style of communication, ie how you will communicate the content for each brand.
  • Makes decisions based on the analysis of the reports provided by the Community Manager and makes changes for future actions in the strategic plan as needed .
  • Develops strategies SEO ROI and KPIs .
  • Selects the tools that the Community Manager will use to perform his tasks .

Community Manager

  • Creates social media accounts to be included in the strategy.
  • Generates, edits and looks for valuable content for social networks profiles, according to the content strategy defined by the Social Media Manager.
  • Programs publications, maintaining the strategic direction and style of the company.
  • Implements contests, promotions and events defined by the Social Media Manager.
  • Checks, identifies and corrects errors.
  • Identifies needs and interests of the public.
  • Seeks to increase the engagement to create a space for participation and communication.
  • Interacts with communities, responds comments from users.
  • Checks daily the interaction made by users: likes, clicks, reach, bookmarks, comments, etc.
  • Proposes ideas and improvements to Social Media Manager and the client from the results of the actions.
  • Investigates trends in social media to update and optimize the various platforms.
  • Makes reports from the results of the analytical and monitoring tools.
  • Checks metrics with the Social Media Manager.

In summary

While the work of the Social Media Manager involves more general tasks – oriented to planning strategy, the Community Manager has the responsibility to communicate directly with the public.

Although for different reasons in practice the roles are not so defined, we can finally say that while the Social Media Manager is responsible for decisions that are taken at the strategic level, the Community Manager builds, manages and administers the communities in the different Social Media platforms.

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