Britney Spears’ comeback and social media marketing in music business

Social media keeps revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their target audience, and the music industry is no exception. Over the last decade, we have witnessed how as new trends in social media management emerge, new ways of promoting music tracks, albums, concerts, and more are being adopted.

More and more artists around the world are recognizing that social media marketing is an essential ally in their marketing strategies. In this regard, let’s take a closer look at some of the most recent cases. 😉

Social media marketing tactics in the launch of Britney Spears and Elton John

A sample of the previously mentioned is the case of the latest single released by Britney Spears and Elton John: “Hold me closer“. Although the official release of this song was made on August 26, 2022, there were a series of tactics made in social networks (especially in TikTok) since the beginning of August, as we say colloquially: to prepare the ground.

And the fact is that, being the first song in which Britney Spears features after 6 years, it could not be handled as an ordinary release. Thus, after several rumors, on August 8, Elton John posted on his Instagram account an image with the name of the single, an action that immediately caught the attention of the followers of both artists and began to generate hundreds of comments on social networks.


Exclusive teaser on TikTok

Days later, on August 19, the singer used his TikTok account again but this time to broadcast an exclusive teaser of his song with the pop princess. In addition, in this teaser, the cover of the ‘single’ could be known, from which many conversations also started.

The video quickly spread among members and non-members of the community, reaching up to 2.8 million views on TikTok and what is even better, thousands of users began to generate videos with the audio of the teaser, resulting in the publication of 50 thousand videos whose content, in some way, promoted the new song by Britney Spears and Elton John (which, remember, had not yet been officially released).

Surprise performance = millions of views

Subsequently, John surprised the guests at a French restaurant by giving them a performance of “Hold me closer”, which, of course, made headlines all over the media. The performance was uploaded on August 23rd to John’s TikTok and Instagram account and currently accumulates 4 million views and more than 6 thousand comments between the two social networks.

Finally, after generating expectation for several days and preparing the public, the song was successfully launched on August 26 on all platforms. The single with which Britney Spears returned to music, already has more than 20 million plays on Spotify just a week and a half after its official release.

The right choice of social networks

This has been a very good example of how a strategic management of social networks can generate enough expectation to move an entire community and keep their attention consistently within the framework of the launch of a product, in this case, a new song.

Choosing Instagram and TikTok as the main social networks for this campaign is no coincidence, as these are two platforms where music is an essential resource in the creation of content and users are increasingly exposed and open to consume content that allows them to discover new songs. This is an excellent way to connect with fans of each artist and with those users who have not necessarily consumed their music but have similar interests.

Other music releases on social networks

Maluma and the game of intrigue on Instagram

Among the artists who have actively included social media marketing strategies in the releases of their musical tracks, we find Maluma, a Colombian singer and representative of the urban genre in the region. In June 2022, the artist uploaded a reel to his Instagram account that quickly aroused the curiosity of his followers.

The video consisted of a recording that pretended to be a home video where a girl was recording herself with the front camera of the camera while the artist was sleeping on a bed. At first glance, the video seemed to be really a home video, so it immediately caught the attention of users, causing intrigue about who that girl was and why the post was titled “I’m going to upload this here before you see it somewhere else…”. In the last seconds of the video, the mystery was revealed: it was about the release of a new song.

Without a doubt, a social media marketing tactic that was successful, as it managed to communicate something promotional in a more natural way, capturing and retaining the attention of users until the objective was achieved: to massively announce the release date of their music track. In the same way, the video generated thousands of comments that contributed to give it even more reach. Currently, the post has accumulated more than 17 million views and 18 thousand comments.

The case “Ojos Marrones” on TikTok

During July 2022, Venezuelan singer Lasso launched a challenge among TikTok users to promote his latest single “Ojos Marrones”. The challenge consisted in replying to his video and doing a duet of the song, singing in the parts where the artist was silent and the track played in the background.

Hundreds of users participated in the challenge, but one of them stood out: Sebastián Yatra. The participation of the Colombian singer caused a sensation on the social network (the video reached 2 million views and 18 thousand comments), as both artists have communities with very similar interests, so conversations about a possible official remix were immediately generated, both from the followers and from the artists.

After several days of much anticipation, the official remix of “Ojos marrones” featuring Lasso and Sebastián Yatra was finally announced.

While it is true that a traditional promotion of the song could have worked as well, social networks today provide a much greater reach and one could say, much faster compared to the rest of the media. It is important to remember that it is not only about using the networks and promoting for the sake of promoting, but also about understanding how the content works, why it is attractive, why users choose 1 content among hundreds, what motivates them to consume it, etc.

Understanding this is key to create attractive and user-friendly content strategies, which finally capture their attention and allow them to consume it naturally. That is why the fact of subtly promoting a song through a TikTok challenge generated such good results, because the content did not just sell them a promotion, but an entertaining experience in which they could also interact with the artist.

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