Benefits of having a corporate Blog


Companies are now becoming aware of the importance of having a blog on their website. A corporate blog is an important tool that, if well used, will provide you great benefits.

This type of blog operates in two different ways:

In the first place it enables you to approach to users by offering information related to your business. It also allows you to start a conversation with your clients by answering their questions.

In the second place it drives more traffic to your website by increasing its visibility and enabling a better SEO ranking.

Having a corporate blog also provides…

  • A human voice to your business.
  • Improved internal and external communication.
  • Better crisis management.
  • Greater transparency.

At the time of creating a blog, you should…

  • Define an editorial line and a target audience.
  • Establish intervals between entries.
  • Have a promotion strategy (pingbacks, trackbacks, social networks, etc).
  • Answer comments.
  • Measure your blog results, so you can make the right changes. (e.g. use Google Analytics).

What you should have…

  • Good writing.
  • Knowledge of SEO (so you can write thinking about search engines)
  • Social Media understanding.

In conclusion

If we don’t have a blog, we would not only be missing all its benefits but also giving away an advantage to our competitors. The best thing to do is to spend some time and use specialist staff. In case we don’t have that staff we could assign these tasks to an external company.

Leandro Padula
Especialista en implementar soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras para optimizar procesos y mejorar los resultados de cualquier estrategia de marketing digital.