Content Marketing: What is its significance?

Content Marketing: What is its significance?
26 April, 2017 Florencia Guzmán


The content is a determining element in the purchasing process. Customers are actively seeking information before buying. That’s why to be relevant on the internet and monetize the resources to spend it, you have to understand the importance of content marketing. Continue reading and discovered its advantages.

What is content marketing?

Before talking about the benefits of content marketing, we must understand the meaning of it. Content marketing is the strategy used by the brands based on generating certain types of useful and interesting content that generate a positive reaction in its users. It consists of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain potential customers.

What is its significance?

Without content there would be no reason for anyone to visit your site, and that is the crucial foundation of marketing content for any element internet presence, not just a blog or a website, but also social networks.

Each time a visitor comes to your website or blog, it does hoping to find what they want. What the user usually is looking for is information, and that information is the content. The importance of content marketing is to offer your audience the content they want, in the format that is most convenient to consume.

The ability of these to generate traffic. The content is what search engines look for when indexing a web or blog. It is how users will find you, because they write in the search engine keywords or words that describe the information they are looking for, and the search engine provides a list of results of web sites. This is only possible thanks to the content .

The content you produce help growing your credibility and become an authority for your visitors. This generates in them the confidence to trigger the sale process.

How and where?

Now that we know all the returns that content marketing has all that we need to do is start it up. Today social networks are one of the top choices for content promotion. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, each has different ways of communicating the information. Do not focus on a single format. Diversify formats also expand the audience. Posts, images, infographics, videos, webinars, screencasts, ebooks, podcasts, presentations, etc. Take advantage of each without losing sight of the objectives of the campaign.

Remember to listen to users and collect feedback to find out what they need. Only then you can generate relevant content to them.

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