The final checklist to create email marketing campaigns

The final checklist to create email marketing campaigns
29 March, 2017 Florencia Guzmán


While social networks have gained much ground in social media in recent years, if used correctly, email marketing is still a very useful and effective tool to contact with our target audience via e-mail.

We explain how to develop a good strategy that supports the actions to take, and we approach you a list we put together so you know how to fully exploit this technique.

Create a strategic plan

First we must define specific objectives (eg, increase sales, increase the number of subscribers, increase traffic to the web, etc.). Then we analyze the competition to see which points can be improved and what things can be taken for example, what impact did the actions already undertaken and how the public behaved in these cases.

Another important step in the strategic plan is to define and implement strategies, to create based on this, our content and design necessary. We have to think the armed of the campaign email marketing according to each objective we have and the specific action we want to perform. For example if the objective of the company is to sell products or services, discounts will be included in the content of email marketing.

Finally, it is essential to measure the results of the action. We need to know what things we were right and which requires modifications. This can be determined by the amount of openings, spam, click on the link, the amount of new and lost subscriptions, etc.

Email Marketing Checklist

  • Define the public taking into account age, gender, and interests.
  • Determine the target and guide the strategy according to the public.
  • Plan the frequency of shipments and distribute the actions based on the type of content, always without saturating always.
  • Research the competition.
  • Spend time reviewing and editing before launching the campaign.
  • Send the email with an attractive subject, that generates opening it, but without creating false expectations.
  • Put together a simple design; no need to add unnecessary information or use too many images.
  • Highlight in the design the important things, but do not overdo.
  • Using “ALT” in the images to name the content.
  • Fullfil basic standards of html design to avoid being identified as spam.
  • Pay special attention to the database to be used; tt must be segmented and updated.
  • Avoid using names or email as a sender that appear as spam.
  • Using a delivery system designed specifically to send mass e-mailings with all the guarantees.
  • Having control over IP ranges used for shipments.
  • Analyze the results. Taking time to understand statistics helps improve future email marketing campaigns.
  • Know and obey the anti-spam rules:
    • The body of the message should include the possibility of unsubscribing.
    • A legal note stating how the mail was received.
    • Protection policy page data.
    • Declaration of willingness to respect all antispam rules and regulations.

In summary

Sending email marketing offers more conversion possibilities that a publication on social networks. Our public and our goals are much more defined when using this tool and that’s why the conversion is more straightforward. This makes, through analysing our actions, we can learn more about the responses we get. This is one of the main reasons why email marketing contribution is valuable to a company.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating email marketing campaigns. But if we internalize and execute our plan responsibly, we will certainly have rewards.

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