Hot Sale: increase your online sales

online sales

Hot Sale, Black Friday or Cyber Monday… What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear these words? For sure we all think of incredible discounts. However, we can understand these online sales events in another way: as opportunities. It’s clear that these events are very convenient for the public. Not only because … Read more

How to increase your website traffic

website traffic

  There are plenty of alternatives to attract visitors to our website. Each site has it’s own public so we will have to use different options until we find the one who suits us the most. In this article, 5 items that will help you: 1. Content The web content is crucial. If we don’t … Read more

Why include Instagram in the social media strategy?

social media strategy

  The goal of any good social media strategy is to position the brand among the target audience, make it known, reliable, link it up with users and provide quality content. To achieve these objectives, companies should have a presence wherever their customers are. Below is a brief overview of some statistics and myths of Instagram … Read more

Differences between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager

community manager

Although in practice the roles might sometimes be blurred, we can say that the tasks of the Social Media Manager are more related to taking decisions, while the Community Manager’s position has more to do with.
Taking this into consideration, we prepared a list of the tasks that are specific to each role in order to clarify the differences.